NEW AIRLINE MOTTO...We're Setting The Bar Lower

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

New Airline Motto—We’re Setting the Bar Lower  While air travel during the pandemic seems like a dream, a while back, I wrote a post dealing with the spartan nature of air travel. I made fun of the free 6 oz soft drink and minuscule bag of peanuts. Well folks, I found that Spirit Airlines has set the bar far lower.

During a recent Spirit flight, I longed for those free snacks. While you can carry on one tiny personal item, all other bags are $40.  Unless you spend $60 to join the $9 fare club. Want to have an assigned seat? That’ll be $10 bucks.  Didn’t check in on line? Another $10. You want us to print your boarding pass, gimme’ a fiver. Even the tray tables are half sized. I didn’t ask if you could rent a full sized one.

Want a soft drink? That’ll be three bucks.

Want to recline your seat? $18. Use the bathroom? $25. Oh, number 2? $45. Sit inside the plane? $63. Okay, now I’m exaggerating. The seats are fixed. We went potty without paying, and actually were seated inside the plane.  I will say, these all represent valuable additional revenue sources that I’m sure will be explored.

So, during our 4 hour flight to Las Vegas, I whipped out my AmEx card and bought 2 diet cokes, two snack packs, a wine, and a Jack for only $736! What a bargain!

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