Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Quarantine Day 1745: I switched to using magazines when  toilet paper ran out last month and now having to use the vintage Playboy stockpile. Put Miss June 1983 to good use yesterday.

Had to eat Rover after food ran out.  He didn’t taste at all like chicken like they claimed.

Haven’t seen DeeDee since she decided to violate curfew and make a food run.  Tried that new Soylent Green food the government has been delivering door to door. Didn’t really care for the taste but did make me think of DeeDee.

Just finished watching the entire Netflicks library for the third time and now down to watching Tiger King which I had been avoiding.

Authorities are expecting good news on a cure any day now and Nancy Pelosi promises this should all be over by 2030. Can’t wait to start getting my ration cards and a permit to go outside for an hour a day.

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